Monday, December 21, 2009

within expectation

my entries these days seems to be continously on the emo side. right now, i'm supposed to finish reading Twilight - Eclipse. Well, i've finished the portion where Victoria is being killed by Edward and eager to know what's to happen next, but i guess this overpowering feeling makes me just need to get it out of the system.

yet, somehow, i don't really want to. that explains the point of being emo..

i didnt want to mention stuff coz i kept thinking back to the editor's message on last Friday's Urban.

keeping slient with grace.

anyway, i should just grouse. just want to grouse that why do i have know somebody so well only to have a tough time forgetting?

ok, back to Edward and Jacob, i can't wait for Eclipse to show... can start drooling again.. hah!

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