Saturday, December 26, 2009

This year's xmas prezzies

it was so darn last minute this year. i actually made these the night before. started at 830pm and ended at around 1.30am or so. within 6 hours, churned out around 13 prezzies? Thank goodness for stuff like nail polish in glittery festive colours.

i will make xmas prezzies early next year!!

Raw materials of photo frames and glittery nail polish

raw materials

ski and angel photo frame

glittery aqua snowflake frame with xmas deco

glittery purple frame with xmas deco and ribbon

glittery purple with snowflake ribbon and xmas deco

snowflake ribbon, xmas deco with red and white tiles

glittery silver frame with xmas deco and tiles

glittery purple frame with tiles and xmas deco

black lace tea light holder with black plastic pearls and purple shell

white lace tea light holder with something furry

another lacy version

last but not least

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