Saturday, December 26, 2009

the movie for 2009

it has to be Avatar for the following reasons:

back to basics storyline - ie man's constant destruction to everything and anything around him for the sake of capitalist gains.

fight between the good (Na vi) and evil (humans)

another kind of beings unseen or unheard of ie the Na vis

the very beautiful and colourful creatures which are a cross between dinosaurs and erm normal earthly creatures like the monkeys etc.

how nature will always be a mystery to humans but it's workings are probably the most simple.

amazing graphics and CG - look at pandora and it is so out of this world. super duper like the glow in the dark effects.

the fighting scenes

sam worthington is uber hot!

the feel of the movie and all the very good acting of the actors and actresses

definitely can see the effort being put into making the show, director James Cameron has made this a really unforgettable show!

I will watch is again. this time in 3D.

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