Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Mon-solutions 2010

frankly, there is no such word as above i mean if spelt joint like that. but googling it shows some results. interestingly, very scientific related. so scientific until i have no interest to read up on it.

there is also company name Monsolution (Metro Oriented Network solutions) which i gather deals with network related issues of which when i accessed the home page, the links are not active. interestingly, "mon" is also defined as a tool for monitoring the availability of services, and sending alerts on prescribed events. somehow related to some form of my work scope to a certain extend.

anyway, i am not exactly interested in science, nor am i trying to further analyse the work which i do everyday. actually, it is in relation to my resolutions for 2010. i am thinking of a more creative way for me to fulfill my 2010 resolution list.

it's quite unusual of me to stop blogging for the year and reflect and then make plans for the new year. perhaps what happened in 2009 made me want to reconsider how i want to do things for 2010. as i was thinking of my entries for 2010 list, i thought and thought and realised something.

have you ever seriously look at the word 'RESOLUTION'?

before i posted this entry, i looked up the dictionary to look into the meaning, but then, it didnt have the meaning which i thought was staring me in the eye. who doesn't know what resolutions means right? who also doesnt know that we usually don't keep to what we resolve to do for the year right. i found the answer, i don't know if you'd agree with me..

look at the words, REpeat, REassign, REwind, REvisit, REplay.. what are the similarity other than the two alphabets 'R' and 'E'? they are verbs which requires actions to be done again. ie, to go back again to do the same thing. does that answer you why we have to list out the same list year after year? hmm.. it does for me. we are planning to RE do our TO DO list for the next year.. no wonder some people gave up planning what to do. we have been embedded with the thought in our subconcious mind that we need to repeat the same round of action next year. makes sense?

so this year, instead of listing my resolutions, i decided to come up with a TO DO list for each month and call it MON-SOLUTIONS: solutions for each month to make life worth living and money last longer. in short a lazy person who has a lower level of determination so that somethings will work out for the year.

the list will be listed according to Spending and Life and each heading will have 5 items max. i am not sure if it's greedy or it's more helpful, in any case maybe it's easier. supposedly, if everything goes well by the last couple of days of each month, i should have my list ready for the next month. which makes this a mandatory 'TO DO' item if i want to make my next month worth living.

to start off for JAN 2010, my MON SOLUTIONS are:


Put MON-SOLUTION from thoughts to script

Come up with Jan MON-SOLUTION list for


1) Drink a lot of water - finish at least 1 bottle of water during work.
2) Pack my room by month end
3) Rest early - at least 3 times a week and by 11pm
4) Write a letter
5) Eat right - at least 1 fruit juice and some fruits 5 days a week


1) Shop for CNY clothes in G market
2) Can only purchase 1 pair of shoes below $50
3) Big item purchases will be two good quality pillows and a quilt
4) Clear all debts before CNY
5) Credit card expenditure should not exceed $600 inclusive of instalment item

Wonder how many i can strike off by the end of the month! well, we will know in another 25 days? I think i will put it in my iPhone as well to track.


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

claudine said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks! i think being filled with sorrows brings out the creative side of me most of the time. It's quite sad isn't it?

Thanks for reading! With this i will strive to make it more creative and original, though erm.. i just type what i thought. Haven't been blogging much coz there's too much on my mind these days.

Btw, which newer ones are you referring to?