Monday, October 26, 2009

yuzu pear blossom

it's not a flower, it's a particular green tea i have tried this evening.

yuzu -  a type of citrus fruit resembling that of orange in appearance and more of grapefruit in taste.

the pear in this tea is nashi pear from Japan and the blossom is the smell of white orchid.

when the pot was brought to the table, the immediate scent is that of yuzu though not the normal yuzu smell i expected, but definitely it is there. at the same time, there is a subtle flowery scent and i didnt know it's that of white orchid till i visited the site.

i am kinda into tea drinking lately. having visited TWG recently and addicted to the smell of their french earl grey and revisiting to have dinner and a taste of their jasmine tea, i was at a new place and trying out this tea tonight.

comparing TWG's tea with what i have tasted tonight, i have definitely fallen in love with the new tea. not only has the unique fragrance of the tea captured my attention and soothe my thoughts for the night, it has also a good flavour which is light and definitely refreshing as the webpage described. it doesn't leave a strong after feeling on the tongue, in fact, it leaves just a nice bit of taste making me want to drink more. i realised the tea from TWG tend to win in the fragrance but not much of taste and at times, leave a piled up strong after feeling on the tongue.

shizouka green tea - my guess it is where the green tea leaves are from. the taste/smell of the nashi pear, is very very light. it took me a while to find the taste. it is when i found it that i realised the combination of the smell, flavour and lightness of tea made the whole experience really wonderful.

visit and check out their wide varieties of tea!

i cannot wait to attend my first tea lesson, hopefully it will not be too long a wait :) Tomorrow, i will try a sachet of Nymph of Nile. Can't find the description in the website, but will check tomorrow.

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