Tuesday, October 27, 2009

sometimes V

a couple of days back, i put up some pics on the TWG dinner i had last friday on facebook and today a primary school classmate left a message on my photo and mentioned that she some how expected me to put up something on TWG soon and i did.

the interesting thing is she works there and she must have read my comments about the mains i have had which i was rather disappointed with. she mentioned that she will feedback to the kitchen regarding my comments and asked me to buzz her the next time i am going again.

sometimes, somethings are just so unexpected and this actually made my depressive weeks and prolly soon to be a month a little bit brighter.

i read some of the stuff in the tea manual this morning when i was on the way to work. it is interesting and i really would like to know more. i cannot wait to attend the training course.

today i tried two types of tea from gryphon. camomile which Mr Chia offered sometime back and Nymph of the Nile (so fanciful the name) both of which have very strong flowery scent. the camomile was really a tad overpowering, but the tea... it's so gentle, smooth and i think i can only use this to describe the teas i have had - 芳香柑甜. they are very good and light. other than NOTN being a bit overpowering smell on the poeny flower which lasted endlessly when i had the tea bag beside me.

will take a pic of the box next time and show. it's damn happening even got pairing of the tea with food.. wooo.. i like! make good gifts and cheaper than the tea from TWG! :D

more about tea soon. feel a bit better to have something else to look forward to.. of which are attainable as well.

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