Monday, October 26, 2009

the ROM pics

damn, i sucked!! i really wished i could have done much better. really it's not easy having people by your side telling you how to take, why you should take with flash etc etc. it was a tad irritating and best that people think it's a joke that i am taking the photos and here i am thinking this is the most freaking tough assignment given the almost zlich practise i've had with taking another adult terrestial being. sighz, no wonder the wedding photographers charge so much money.

think i took a total of 155 shots and not all turned out good. the pics i liked best were the ones i took for them at ion. maybe it's the lights.. (well, it's always about the lights) or the more relaxed atmosphere. whatever it is, they definitely looked better.

perhaps i really should go for lessons one day. hmm see how..

if i ever get married, i'd get my photo siao friends to take pics and i'd just take my point and shoot for my wedding and erm hopefully i don't trip on the dress or anything and fall down.

oh well, this is if i ever do get married one day.

thought this turned out rather ok after some erm.. yeah.. adjustments.

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