Monday, October 19, 2009

Hand Burger @ Raffles City Shopping Centre

two fridays ago, we visited and waited to be seated at Hand Burger. There were 4 of us and when a table was cleared finally allowing 4 hungry peepz to be seated, we were told that they had only 3 buns left by that very cute i guess, store manager.

relentless, we revisited on the friday which just passed. We felt lucky coz we reached at 7.45pm an hour earlier than the last time we reached there. lucky we were, there was no queue and the diner 'turnaround' was quite fast. we were told to wait and i asked if we waited would there be any buns left. the same cute store manager smiled a little embarrassed cited that there's definitely enough buns to last the night away. guess it's prolly coz the next day was deepavali and they expected a bigger crowd? anyway, we were happy that we would be getting our buns!

the menu was presented in a very interesting manner. for me, the fonts are pretty unique and i liked it. what caught my eye were the origami items which were used to 'accentuate' the food. the concept is pretty unique. though the idea of the menu being displayed with a clipboard was not the most functional, nevertheless, it is unique of sorts.

Us 4 girls ate lots. ordered calamari, but it was blahh.. we had 3 different kind of burgers. Parm prawncake burger, pulled pork burger and tea smoked duck. the burgers came with straight cut fries (must be the in thing now as to how you like the cut of your fries to be) which tasted damn good when dipped in the garlic onion mayo sauce and very fresh leafy green coral lettuce and couple of tomato slices. if you don't want fries, you can order coleslaw put into a tomato cup. Elise and me ordered pumpkin and crab bisque which was super uber thick and i really liked it. for that portion, for that price and how THICK the 'soup' was, it's definitely worth it! the sweetness of the pumpkin, the familiar seafood flavour of the crab bisque blends equally well together. for that portion, it didn't feel too jerlat. i'd order it again the next time!

Des and mine tea smoked duck burger was done really nicely. though if the skin has been more crispy, it'd definitely taste even more like eating peking duck!! but, it's good enough and the thai sauce used was yummy!

Sook's parm prawn cake burger came in 3 generous huge patties. topped with cheese and tobiko. i wonder where the people get the idea of making such burgers. definitely interesting and i wouldnt mind paying more bucks to dine here as compared to EWF. And i love the buns! crispy, sweet and healthy sounding :D

i am sure going to go back again and maybe soon. just hope the next time, buns will still be available.

*ps: now i have problems uploading pics. will upload again another day. Blogger is not very friendly these days.

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