Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fruits Crepe Cake from PG

I returned to PG today with Elise. A new place, a new counter. Yet the cakes still familiar.

This time, i tried the new items and forgo the old favorites. My purchase and calorie damage for the day included Charlotte Ami, Chocolat De Noeh and Fruits Crepe.

I liked the fresh strawberry mousse taste of Charlotte Ami and even more the layers of sponge cake which surrounded the mousse and cream.. feels like i am back to those days of the strawberry shortcake cartoons and definitely how every girl always love the pink and sweetness of everything that is strawberries! hehe. the mousse, light and slightly sour and very very fragrant. the surrounding layer of spongy cake, so soft, so fluffy, so very melt in your mouth. what's wonderful, the outer part/crust of the spongy cake is slightly crispy!! gosh, i soooo melted when i ate the whole thing. Lurve, lurve, lurve it!!

and then i couldn't resist and had to have the remaining two cakes after the day's events. bought CDN because there were nuts inside. almond and walnuts. interestingly, it tasted like something very familiar. it's not exactly soft. somehow, keeping it in the fridge kinda partially harden a certain layer of the cake (i think it's the ganache). Rich, yes but definitely not the richest i have had for a choc cake. nothing beats the one from pan pac bakery. that one is super duper awesome, and i must stress i am not exactly a chocolate fan. out of the 3, it's not my favourite though i think it'd be a bit too light for choc lovers.. hmm.. it's definitely bitter sweet. so i guess it depends.

last but not least, my favorite for the day. i have finally found something which can rival Arinco's swissroll. this fruits crepe cake is creamy creamy, light light creamy to the max. on the surface of the signature soft spongy cake, it was covered with super thin layer of crepe skin. Within the bravarian cream, super uber fresh fruits. there's grapes and i wonder if it's THAT kind of korean grape (you know the super huge ones where the skin separates easily from the flesh) and peach and pear cubes. the best best best surprise of this cake is that bit of burnt caramel towards the middle part of the cake nestled in the baravian cream. it was awesome!!!! i prefer this more than Arinco's swiss roll. unforgettable and i am sooo going to go back to get it. wasted as i didn't take pics of this yummy cake!!

PG has relocated to Icon Village and it looks like a pretty exciting place with so many restaurants opening up, i can't wait to see what IV has to offer. People working in the CBD area sure are spoilt for choices and the occasional indulgence.

*green with envy*!!

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