Thursday, October 08, 2009


嗨,今天回到家的时后以经close to 12am le.

sighz, initially still wanted to leave early to go chinatown and get my stuff, but unfortunately, forgot that i had a late evening meeting.

meet 来 meet 去, by the time meeting ended already 7 plus pm. BTHz!! when went back to read my emails and try to finished the unfinished stuff and before i realised already 11 ish.

what i BTH is that my intial thought to do the test by myself is correct de. but too bad, too busy, can't do it. ended up i have to provide so many details to the person who is helping i might as well do it myself.

in the end and coz i really BTH, i sent a super straight forward email.

bo bian liao.

haiz.. now i am even more super duper sian.

sometimes no matter how you rush, people don't feel the urgency. now everything is in the limelight, that's where everyone such to do things urgently and point fingers where ever possible.


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