Saturday, October 10, 2009

knock knock

got that on my bedroom door two nights ago. it was my bro and he asked this.

bro: how's your SLR? good?
me: hmm.. ok, like that lor.. (looked at him a bit stunned)
bro: so you can be my photographer for my ROM?
me: huh.. (even more stunned this time) err.. you see my pics on my blog and facebook.. what you think?
bro: ok lah, so you help me to take and be my photographer for the day lah.
me: errr.. i thought you got a very good photographer, your ex boss?

anyway, i did agree to help him take but i am apprehensive. because no such experience. okie, i do bring my p+s camera to weddings and occasionally take okie photos. but hello, we are talking about my bro's wedding here! what if i make a mess out of it? What if i didn't capture the wonderful moments? what if everything turns out crappy? gee.. there were a lot of 'what ifs'.

i think i need to practise, but no time to practise. the ROM is like 2 weeks later. and i'm like woah... interestingly, i don't think i'd be wearing a dress. how can a photographer wear dress and walk around. hmm.. either that, or i'd still wear a dress and be a spunky photographer..

perhaps i should start researching and look at how people take the photos and experiment from there..

hmm.. hmm.. i had always wanted to do something like that, but feeling the pressure now.. haha

take a look at this for a start? can qualify??


mushroomgarden said...

some tips may help?

claudine said...

ahhhh.. good link! thanks babe!! :D