Tuesday, October 06, 2009

a camera beckons

hmm.. haven't been interested in techie toys lately except for the iphone. but i'm too lazy to fill up forms and cant imagine holding two phones at one time. i like my current number and i have more than a half a year for the starhub contract to ends.. damn sian. my current phone is definitely unexciting but it serves it's basic functionality. anyway, i heard a colleague waited like 3 months before getting that phone, so doesn't mean that when i hand in the forms i'd get my toy immediately. well, i guess we are talking about a pretty good corporate deal.. so.. can't hiam much.

anyway, that's until when i fill up the form and submit. am trying to think if i'd have any major purchase, can't think of any. seems like flying away is close to zlich for the time being, though still hopeful.. in any case, hope is a very tiring feeling to have lately.

read the papers on Sun and saw the Canon ixus 200 IS. the colour caught me, hmm but on a closer look, not that happening except probably for the Pink one. the 120 IS looks more slick, but wellz, i don't think it's as power pack as the 200 IS.

touch screen, 12.1 mgpx, 5x zoom and 3 inch LCD screen. sounds like all good in a compact camera. watched the video in hardware zone, seems good to hold on the hands and not bulky at all. that also means easy in the handbags and my pockets.

cool! plus 22 scenes to choose from and anti shake feature etc.. hmm.. definitely a good choice! plus price not that ex, CH told me got possibility to trade in.

i wanted to change coz my p+s canon ixus 950 IS is making a lot of 'noise'! the pics i take these days can see it's quite noisy. a bit upsetting. plus certain lightings never get good photos. hmm.. maybe it's me, maybe it's the cam.. haha guess it depends on time, day and moment.

well, it's probably an excuse.

but i will tu to get it. probably end of the year. see how it goes.

errrnn then again, the peak hour advertising is not doing me any favor.

aiyah, see how lah.. maybe i just need a new toy to tide over this sian period..

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