Sunday, September 13, 2009

speedy spaghetti

okie, this was done out of leftover stuff. mostly stuff i got last Sunday but didnt have the chance to finish using or use at all.

i love the coral lettuce and this came with the soil. it's damn cool and costs only around $3 something at Cold Storage if i am not wrong. i had left over tobiko and knew i had to finish it soon. so i decided to conjure up this spaghetti salad or vege spaghetti or whatever you call it.

remembering the incident last Sun which fatally reduced the temperature of my spaghetti and couldn't warm up my mashed pea mentaiko mayo sauce, i did the same this time round. primarily because this was supposed to be cold or erm cool not hot coz lettuce cannot touch anything warm, they'd wither ugly plus no cooked tobiko for me too.

so the only thing which i really needed to cook was the spaghetti and nothing else. so i used the salad sauce (shaken) so that the oil and the sauce mix and tossed the chopped lettuce with the spaghetti first. i then put in the tobiko and then the mentaiko cream sauce and tossed it again.. i then threw another bunch of chopped lettuce.

done in 10 mins!

closer shot for better view

the tobiko and lettuce and sauce.. always a good combi!

hmm.. i think it's damn refreshing! done in 10 minutes damn cool! :D

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