Sunday, September 27, 2009


havent blogged for ages. not that there's nothing to mention, there are lots. grouse mostly and pretty much nothing else.

wish this trying period can be over soon and at least i can book the tickets to Japan.

work matters are getting insane, or maybe not. perhaps self imposed pressure? aiyah, just can feel the pressure and also super sian.

nevertheless, the day will be arriving soon and it's likely that things will not exactly go smoothly but i just wish whatever i am 'incharge' of will go smoothly.

guess the part where the module of the art of management comes in handy. but who the hell have time to remember what was studied during then. hmm.. well i for one didn't until i started typing this entry.

hope to share nicer pics soon. these days i only upload to facebook as it is faster and easier. nevertheless, i will share something in the next entry.

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