Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dinner @ Oriole

havent met Cece for weeks and wanted to make the best use of this meet up. so instead of our usual movie then TCC sesh, we decided to have dinner to catch up. i read on Brad's blog that he went to Oriole recently and had good reviews about the place. so i thought, ok better remember to make reservation and then meet Cece there.

the no frills menu

was heng, for the fact that i made reservations coz it was damn full and noisy by the time i reached the place. i guess it's the overall ambience of the place, it's cosy and warm. instant relaxation mode! i think the lights of the restaurant was quite pretty. brighten by single light bulbs all over the place, the designs of these lights are really simple and i love them all! very pretty.

picture was taken in error but i like the effect

the service staff are really very friendly and all so ready to help. product knowledge is wonderful and they make sure everything is being taken care of. Cece had the fish and chips, i was contemplating between the beef cheek tagliatelle and the seafood blue cheese risotto. as i was told the risotto is a seasonal item and the seafood is being flown all the way from Japan, i decided i'd just have that. we also ordered a starter of NZ mussels cooked in white wine with garlic.

couldnt resist..

we chatted as we waited for the food. pretty loudly i supposed coz everyone else was talking at the top of their voice too. it was quite noisy but i guess everyone's very comfortable with the settings and the crowd so that's why.
Our yummy NZ mussels

NZ mussels arrived first and i took a first bite. the mussels were juicy, succulent and taken out from the pot just at the right moment. it's not rubbery, nor too tough. it's soft and one bite and i tasted the essence of the sea all flowing sweetly in my mouth, i think i can finish 1 plate of mussels. yup, it's that good and the best i have had so far! it cones with warm bread. baguette style but does not have the hard crust. in fact, the crust was so crispy like eating potato chips crispy and the bread is super duper soft! when dipped in the sauce.. phewz, amazing! Just that the chef should probably reduce the amount of salt in the dish. nevertheless, it's a MUST TRY!!!

not long after our mains arrived. we waited a while before we consumed our mains coz just couldnt stop eating the mussels. my only complain is that our mains should have been served after we finished our mussels. coz it started to turn cold.

the seafood risotto

the seafood risotto is not as wet as the one i had in porta. the flavour of the blue cheese didnt overwhelm, in fact, the flavour slowly disperses in my mouth and i could taste just a nice tinge of it. the scallops were pretty big, but because they were grilled and also i took a longer time to eat it, it was not as juicy i expected. as for the prawns, no complains. definitely fresh and crunchy. however, i still like the mushroom risotto from porta, i couldn't forget that!!

Cece's fish and chips were definitely better than the one from double bay. primarily the batter is very light and very crispy as well as flavourful. the chips which came along with the fish was seasoned in some crushed ginger or something.. it's good. reminds me of my ah ma's fried ginger! damn nice.

the very pretty white sangria

for drinks we ordered the sangria. it was quite strong and have a good serving of chopped fruits like green apples, lemon, orange and strawberry. there were quite a bit of mint leaves inside as well. over all the drink was very refreshing except the fruits were too sour. we skipped dessert as we wanted to have the ice cream from Gustimmo.

i will definitely visit Oriole again to try every other dish in their menu also the price was pretty reasonable!

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