Sunday, September 06, 2009

green pea sauce spaghetti

okie, so i finally cooked up the dish today. hmm.. i'd say it's a flop. primarily, it's not savoury enough for my palette and it became pretty gerlat towards the end. probably due to rusty cookery skills, haven't really did experimental cooking for ages other than making salads which doesn't really require much cooking.

the process took longer than i expected and i made the portions a little too big, perhaps that's why the dimishing returns set in as everything felt kinda creamy.

cooking the green peas was a breeze, just boil it and when all the peas float, you know it's time to take them off the cooker and drain. i then cook the mussels (in place of prawns coz it was only 87 cents for like 20?! damn cheap and very fresh fortunately!!) in another pot, but in the midst of washing them, i forgot to boil the water to cook them (i think it's best to cook them in boiling water instead putting them in to boil with the water at the same time.) so that took sometime. i had to boil another pot of water for the spaghetti. a lot of things were happening at the same time.

i think the toughest part of this whole process was to 'sieve' the green peas. i knew i had to take away the skin so that 'sieving' it into a paste like substance would be easier, but i didn't. so it took a long time. i had to mash the peas with the skin and had to do it batch by batch. i think the whole thing took about 15 to 20 mins!!

by then my spaghetti was cooked just right but came out to be quite a bigger portion i had in mind and i absent mindedly ran it under cold water when it was supposed to be hot! i tossed in some oil from the japanese salad sauce which turned out pretty good! and there were mussels which i need to take out from the shells. good thing they were cooked just right too.

before adding the green pea sauce. think with the salad sauce tossed in and eating it with the mussels would have been nicer.

when everything was done, everything was cold. the presentation was not what i wanted either. anyway, i just tossed the green pea paste with the mentaiko mayo sauce and a little bit of wasabi which unfortunately did not save this dish. topped it off with some tobiko and it was done.

that's how the green pea mentaiko sauce looked like.. erm still a brilliant shade of creamy green!!

after tossing it with tobiko and the sauce. the final outcome.

i finished everything, didnt want to waste it. i think the sauce would be better off as a dip or a starter.. spreading the sauce on top of sliced toasted baguette, add a mussel, some tobiko and some chopped tomatoes would probably be nice. well, will try harder next time.

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