Thursday, September 03, 2009


This is easily 我现在最喜欢的包!2nd time eating it and i think it tasted even better than the first time i had it. shall not divulge where this place is, but the wanton mee (can't remember the very enticing chinese name) and this 包 is definitely, confirm MUST TRY! will blog about the wanton mee next time, i will go on with the 包.

for the price of $3.60, 半个包 is actually 一个包 split into two. sounds like 废话 right and for that price, can get probably get 3 大包!but, the ingredients in this 包 are super happening lor!! it has the following things inside:

1/2 salted egg yolk
2 slices of chinese 香肠
1/4 of a very juicy 香菇 soaked with all the essence of some very yummy stock
2 chucks of tender chicken thigh meat

and the base of each half is made of super tender minced pork mixed with very, very, very fresh shrimps and chinese parsley. though i usually don't like chinese parsley, this is the best part of the 包!! it's amazing coz once you bite that portion of the 包, it's so 'crunchy'!!! it's like when you bite into very fresh prawns, you hear and feel the crunch in your ears and between your teeth!! the whole mix is sooooo firm and Q! the frangrance of the chinese parsley blends so well together with the meat and the prawn. This is not all, the flour of which the 包 is made of is soft, fluffy and sweet!!

That's how i like my 包!! so it's top of my list at the moment! makes a good light dinner anytime when i have the craving for 包! for this price, it's damn worth it! by the way, it's this 包 which made me wanna dine at this place! So attractive! :D

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