Wednesday, September 02, 2009


i didnt go 拜拜 this morning, simply because i was late this morning. not late as in super late, just erm missed the bus at the time kind of late. well, i should have 拜 i coz i ended up waiting about 10 mins for the next bus. erm, that was also because i refused to board the stupid 'new age' bus for 196 confirm no place to sit and sleep. so i waited. darn, i should have 拜拜 before walking to the bus stop.

anyway, i contemplated to 拜 again when i came back, but didn't. suddenly i was thinking, should i 上一炷香or 3. in the end in order not to anger the 神, i decided to get my facts right and tune my thoughts first before anyhow go and 拜 .

okay, tomorrow i try since it's TOTO day.. hmm.. yah somehow keep thinking of that TOTO money. maybe soon it will be mine..

ok, promise the next entry about TOTO will be either months away or i actually strike the prize money :D!

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