Tuesday, September 01, 2009

七月的 void deck神台

500th post and it's the seventh month don't know how many days liao.

i think starting tomorrow morning, i must start to go to the void deck 神台 to 拜拜。must 拜 for the following.


1) Everything better go smoothly with the testing - as is now, struggling like mad

2) Lesser meetings, coz they can be super brain drain tiring!

oh well, who am i kidding?!? Seriously i aint a saint, i'm just a small fry. Like i really care about the above if my below wish comes true!!!!

Anyway, starting tomorrow, i am going to 求神拜佛 that i'd strike toto soon!! if not, points (1) and (2) will haunt me till the end of November or longer? who knows?!?!

sian ah!!!!!!!

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