Thursday, August 06, 2009

on a long break

ok, it's only 5 days. not that long but i think it's long enough.

kinda not going anywhere just need some recuperation time. somehow, last week seemed to have sucked all energy source outta me. i felt so tired at the end of the week and didnt feel that i had enough rest for this week which is ending.

decided on tues to request for Fri and Tues leave so that i'd have 5 in total.

what do i plan to do?

1) haircut, treatment and maybe a new colour

2) rest my feet

3) sleep, really need lots of it

4) do some detox, go on a no meat no carbo diet for two days? Hmm.. if i can make it

5) holidays? nah, still saving for the one in Nov

6) a little bit of shopping wont hurt i guess?

7) update my blog of coz.. a bit outdated liao

Well, simply doing nothing is good.

let me 休息,然后才可以走更长的路。前面的路好相有点遥远,感觉有点sian...

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