Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Half Blood Prince

watch this on Weds. though high expectations was not in my list, i wasn't expecting me yawning and trying to keep myself entertained watching the show.

not sure if it was a good thing to read the book prior to the show. somehow, i felt that the movie was in a story of it's own. some things seemed to have zipped by too fast, others were left out and new scenes i could not recall reading in the book.

the movie in conclusion, did not have the essence of the book which was a pity coz there are major details which should be explained. i'm pretty disappointed. the last few episodes were quite close to what the books described. i guess as the series becomes 'thicker' the movie makers are having a hard time cramping everything in. if not, then perhaps their budget was not big enough to showcase or make the scenes better or more exciting.

i didnt read 'Order of the Phoenix' but i enjoyed the movie tremendously. it was really getting darker and almost spooky, it was the one episode that i'd say is my favourite so far! reading 'half blood prince' i expected the ending to be anti climax, yet i didn't think it did justice to the book.

where were the extendable ears when harry, hermione and ron were supposed to use to eavesdrop on Draco when he was in B&B? they were supposed to be hidden in the invisibility cloak as well. and Draco was in the shop by himself, not an entourage of Death Eaters.

harry didnt enter the room of requirement with Ginny nor was that the place where they had their first kiss. their first kiss was supposed to be after the Gryffindor won the Quidditch Cup for this round and they kissed in front of all the Gryffindor folks!!

tonks was supposed to be the one who found Harry in the carriage under the invisbility cloak instead of luna lovegood.

anyway, the list can go on, but you get the drift.

looking forward to the last instalment, heard they going to divide into two parts. reading the book from the begining is already exciting and some questions already have answers but the answers bring about more questions.. i cannot wait and yes, this time i do have high expectations for the final potter show/s.

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