Saturday, August 08, 2009

kopitiam teh

lately, whenever i am home, my mom started buying teh for me as part of my morning breakfast.

it's not a habit for me to drink teh at home. teh to me is work sustenance - to get me through the mornings. before i injured my feet/ankle whichever people thought i hurt myself thanks to the way the sinseh bandaged my feet/legs/ankles.. whatever, i'd either buy my teh from 'Wang's cafe' at Suntec (well, the faithful morning of the fall, i just tabaoed the teh and thankfully, it didnt spill on me somehow..) or Ya Kun, depends on how lazy i'd be on that day..

so somehow, it became mom's habit to buy the teh for me and it's when i realised something.

i don't know how different kopitiam teh is from those of Wang's and YK, i suspect the caffeine level is much higher? coz i think my heart beat much faster when i finished the teh and i don't like the aftertaste, it lingers on forever.

the whole after drinking experience pretty much sux. maybe there's really not much difference, just that at home i have nothing to distract me, but even when i work from home, the aftermath is still unpleasant..

hmm.. in any case, no more kopitiam teh for me!

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