Monday, July 13, 2009


the week that just passed taught me something.

in a short couple of days i saw my mood went up, dropped to mid levels and fell into a bottomless pit. it also made me realised that i have never exactly changed with the way i dealt with things as well as i always want what i want and the way which i want it. i guess that's why i always made myself miserable when things dont turn out the way i expect it to be.

expectations, they can be so cruel at times..

i wonder if it's due to a certain level of pampering as such, this behaviour which then results in some childish thoughts and actions. i think it's quite likely and i am glad that i have some great pals who made me open my eyes bigger and confirm the 3 day mood swing was what i thought it to be - basically a little kid throwing some rubbish tantrums.

guess different people deal with things and issues in many different ways. i still have lots to learn. somehow, the mature thoughts of mine kinda refuse to present themselves and allow the child in me to accept how certain things and expectations should be and will be the way as it is.

Sunday was a good day to review my thoughts after chatting with a friend. i also realised that patience is important. sometimes there are reasons as to why certain events comes close to not being able to happen and i should have let nature takes its course, ie. not let it happen and wait for another possible time. waiting for another possible time would have made the day more fun and enjoyable.

i will surely take note of increasing my threshold of being patient, though i thought i was doing quite a good job. it could possibly be really worth it but i wouldn't exactly know anytime soon.. i guess?

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