Tuesday, July 07, 2009


fell down today whilst i was on my way to work. was engrossed in texting cece and everything happened so fast, before i knew it i was on the ground.

first thoughts which came to my mind was 'die, i must have sprained both my ankles'. it was only logical coz i was wearing heels. i guess it's coz of that my brain started to trigger my mouth to say 'ouch ouch ouch..' which went on for sometime and some really kind passbys (two ladies) came to my rescue. though there were others who asked me if i was ok, i just kept saying 'ouch'. when i recovered from the shock, i was saying 'shit, shit, shit' actually at that point in time, i didn't feel much pain. the pain was in the fact that i thought i had sprained my ankles and can't walk. i was worried.

thanks to both ladies who helped, i was able to walk over to the side of the steps. having partially overcame the shock of what happened, i was able to joke but i couldnt stand up coz i felt a tad fainty and nauseous. it was however, kinda embarassing and i had to call CH to come 'rescue' me. he came along with Seok Gee and was thinking how this is to be handled. i finally called my mum and asked her to pick me up at candy empire. CH helped borrow a wheelchair and wheeled me to outback steak house to wait for my mum. SG waited with me and helped me to the car. all this while i was still ok. but walking came with pain on the left feet coz could feel the pressure of the blood all 'congregating' at that particular area of the feet.

made couple of calls to my insurance agent and then also to LC to ask for chinese sinseh recommendation. went to an english doc first and she touched and asked if there was pain here and there. she gave me 3 days MC. granted there were no hairline cracks (coz it would have been impossible for me to walk) and her suggestion is to put ice pack and elevate my feet when i reached home, i didn't feel comfy, so i headed to the chinese sinseh which LC recommended at Bedok Res.

walking started to become an ordeal and it was really becoming more painful. it was close to an hour wait but lucky i managed to get the number in time before the next timing which is 2pm. as much as i pysc myself as to how painful the rubbing or cracking would be, it was still painful as the sinseh rubbed and rubbed. hwah... no tears but damn pain. was quite heng there was no realigning of the bones.. i'd have screamed!

when i reached home, i was worried. had to climb stairs up and take lift and climb stairs down. i realised where i stay is really unfriendly to the crippled. it's impossible for anyone with wheelchair to move about!!!

suay as i was, there were a few lucky stuff. i had teh with me when i fell but the teh didnt spilled on me. i was still able to walk/limp. i was also not exactly injured at any other parts of my body. i also brought my slippers coz i was supposed to go with Sook for pedi tonight.

really appreciate the help of my colleagues and strangers and my mum who stayed with me the whole time and helping me walk and paying for the bills first. i was too busy dealing with the pain etc to think of anything. also to friends who sent their well wishes and tell me to take care.

sighz, i'm careless yet again. this better be a good lesson for me. i'm actually feeling better now and apparently the chinese meds is actually pretty darn good. i took the painkillers but it didnt exactly help me when i woke up i was still feeling loads of pain. the chinese meds made a whole load of diff man! it's like i can walk proper and better. will stick to the cheena meds and rest lots.

time to do more exercise and lose more weight!!


diligo said...

poor gal...how are you healing already? Take good care..I must admit it is quite hard to get 2 ankles sprained at the same time. You'll be well in no time :D

claudine said...

hmm.. somehow, it seems pretty difficult to heal!! Just doesn't seem to be going away. yeah, quite difficult to have 2 sprained ankles so mine wasnt. hehe..

i hope to get well soon and slip back into my heels.. heh :p

thanks dude!