Thursday, July 16, 2009


i finally had a short conversation with the sin seh yesterday.

for the last two seshs, we have never spoken. he just do his stuff of making me grit my teeth and trying my best not to squeal with pain. so yesterday, i had to break the silence coz i kept on wondering why my left foot is not healing.

questions i asked in mandarin of course:

我的脚伤到那里? 是不是整只脚?

to those questions, he only nodded his head whilst he continued rubbing my foot. damn pain sia.

so i continued my questioning spree.


to that he said:

对! 如果可以的话,穿跑鞋比较好。 你看,我们都穿跑鞋很舒服。对脚也比较好。

highly impossible that i'd wear running shoes when i go to work, but slippers yes coz i heart wearing slippers and flip flops.

anyway, it was quite an accomplishment. i think i might have to go back again. see how my feet is healing bah.

off to watch HEROES!!

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