Friday, July 24, 2009

Miss Saigon @ Millenia Walk

Miss Saigon took over Pho 24 (or something) after a couple of months where the unit was left empty. Skeptical that it may turn out as pathetic as it's predecessor was, Edeline and i went ahead to try it out on Weds. the price looked reasonable and the menu is definitely more diverse than the earlier tenant.

today i went with Amy and Edeline again (obviously there was some merit for us to return with a new guest). we tried the mix platter which has 2 sizes. one size servers 2 to 3 the other serves 5 to 6. we wondered how big the platter would be and nearly wanted to order the bigger of the two choices, but the waiter suggested that we may want to try the smaller one first. along with the platter, we ordered the calamari in case the platter was too small.

the mix platter

when the platter arrived, we thought the size was pretty ok. just nice for us. both the girls were not hungry coz they had chicken pau earlier. i was pretty hungry, but i guess i didnt wanna be too greedy and see how it goes. in the platter they have chicken wings, rice roll, spring roll, fish/sotong ball and an agar agar carrot salad topped with peanuts and shredded chicken.

the agar agar salad i like!!

conclusion? it's really not bad. especially the agar agar carrot salad. i think it's so unique and the texture - wonderful! i've never tasted such a salad, i think it's the idea which appealed to me haha.

rice roll

i didn't really like the rice roll, but then it never was my favourite primarily because i never liked the mint wrapped together with the rest of the ingredients. plus they presented it with two long sprigs of spring onion (another of my black list item), sorry not my cup of tea.

the chicken wing was yummy, but the drumlet part was dry. don't know why there's a difference in the level of juiciness.

fried spring roll

the fried spring roll is pretty good too, though kinda tasted normal but had quite a bit of filling. it's packed!

then the smaller sotong balls. plump, Q and very juicy. i like just too small though.

the platter came with 2 sauces. one is the typical watery sauce of chopped chilli, sourish juice of i cant remember what, sesame seeds, carrot strips. very appetising. the other sauce tasted like your typical sweet sauce from the yong tau foo stall topped with peanuts. quite good also.

looked more like french fries.. no?

as for the calamari which took sometime to arrive, hmmm.. i think there's too much flour and too little savouriness though the girls said it grows on them after eating more and more of it. well i guess that's when more of the savoury flavour from the mix of dried chilli, basil i supposed and peppercorns, salt and pepper stayed in the various parts of our tongue.

one the first visit, i tried the beef noodle soup. the soup is not crystal clear but it's full of flavour. it comes with 2 beef balls, juicy and very tasty. there's the extra oomph of spices which indicates that it's not fake like those we get these days. they were very generous with the beef slices too and mind you they are not thin slices! pretty thick and done to perfection. elts in your mouth.

gotta try this place. it's at millenia walk next to bakerzin and i do think the price is very reasonable. in fact i think it's cheaper than the other vietnamese restaurant at the upper level in Suntec. with that many items in the menu, one is really spoilt for choice!

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