Tuesday, July 21, 2009


i wonder if it's too soon to say this, but i see signs of recovery.

speedy it's not, yet i should be thankful that the fall has brought about a couple of good things.

i've reduced my spendings for the month of jul. Well, it's not over yet but i kinda doubt i'm going to burst my budget and some good news last week means that i might have more savings coming soon and can prolly get mom a nice bracelet of sorts. she mentioned that my aunt told her that her daughter should buy her some chain or ring or bracelet which she can wear to bring her good luck this year. i was thinking something from tiffany, but let's see how.

i also managed to complete Harry Potter - the Half Blood Prince. After a major reading hiatus, i'm finally picking up the book again. because the ending is such an anti climax, i have continued to Deathly Hallows. hopefully, i'd start reading again.

i finally discovered the fun-ess of working from home and that i can finally work from home which is good to a certain extend of not having to think of what to wear for the day.

at the same time, i got to spend more time with my mum and really extremely appreciate her constant companionship to the sin seh, pick me up to and from work etc. without her, i'd be totally helpless. Thanks ma!

also, my friends and colleagues whose care and concern made me feel so loved. i'm one lucky gal!

hmmm.. what i am not happy is that BTNR with the Tans and Cece have not materialised and i kinda doubt will happen anytime soon. and i definitely am freaking putting on the fats.

that's so not in line with my healthy month of june.. sighz, i guess i will postpone the plan to Aug and Sept.

say.. we've already crossed over the more than half of the year mark.. things are kinda zipping by.. hmmm... hopefully more good things will come and no more accidents for the coming months for me!

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