Tuesday, June 09, 2009


the day has yet to arrive but i AM looking forward to it.

hmm.. am on a partial SMS marathon with Cece and we are planning what to do on Fri. After all, it's the first Friday after her exams, it's one friday where i'd get to watch my movie, have a good dinner and catch up with a uber wonderful gal pal i missed for the last couple of weeks.

the ongoing SMSes were about what to do on Fri and we kinda think we can both leave earlier for that day. i just blogged that i wanna watch DANCE SUBARU and she mentioned about it! haha i think today we are in a telepathetic mode. Somehow, everything so qiao. She smsed me whilst i was in the midst of sending her my sms.

so coincidental, we decided to take this opportunity to buy 4D for tmr. Not revealing the numbers as secrets are not meant to be revealed. just hope it will bring us closer to our hokkaido trip.

so we are deciding this. Catch movie, go Crystal Jade korean rest for dinner and then head for another movie if there's anything to watch. the plan stays as this for the time being. we'll see what changes occurs as the day draws nearer.

just hoping that A380 will not make an appearance that day :p. i have so many things to tell her face to face. SMS marathon can't possibily communicate all these!

looking forward to Friday!

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