Thursday, June 11, 2009


sheesh.. i can't decide. would i be happier in the office now or at home doing nothing?

it's the bloody hot weather! it's so hot i don't even feel like stepping out of the house. the aircon is not turned on at the moment, but it's definitely going to be turned on darn freaking soon again.

i woke up today at 12 ish pm to cece's sms citing that she saw my email about the Greenhouse buffet. hmm.. subsequent messages tempted me to think about Melt, but we both decided that we will go for Greenhouse once my DBS taka card arrives. Can't wait. From the flyer sent by Kenny, hmm.. it looked too hard to resist!! it's kinda like a ladies night offer of 1 for 1 for DBS cardmembers for their buffet. now, that's one good thing to be a woman. haha :p

aircon is on and i am going to get my cake. a fatal fall last evening caused the cake to be distorted of sorts by the time i reached home from the KTV sesh. hmm.. fact that i haven't sang for the longest time has resulted in a coarse throat today. Resisted mum's attempt to tempt me to eat al natural durian picked from BTNR.

taking about cakes, yes, i have much to blog about. i have found a gem near office and this week i have already visited it twice.

looking at the last harry potter book right in from of me. it has been lying there for months. should i attempt to complete it? looking back at my very old posts since 2005 from my friendsters blog, i say my english has deteriorated to a point of no return. yes, it's that bad. to the extend that i am embarrassed wondering what torture i have done to those who read my entries.

anyways, i will strive to blog better so i'd perhaps start reading books once again so that when i revert to my older entries, i'd smile instead of frown. :)

friday's plan is more or less concrete. Dinner, shopping and DANCE SUBARU!!! Yes, it's still showing!! thank goodness!! looks like i have a good friday to look forward to! heh heh!

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