Monday, June 29, 2009


hmm.. i had wanted to attempt to blog this mandarin, thought it would only be appropriate. Unfortunately, standard not there. stopped within 1 sentence.

happened to chance by this dim sum place at raffles city shopping centre at the basement where Donut Factory used to be all the craze but the queue is no longer there. anyways, it's located opposite the supermarket, near guardian and also Celede. it's really not difficult to find and it's the only dim sum take away stall there.

i saw some stuff which they recommended and had wanted to get the chicken abalone bun, but it must be the best seller coz twice i was there, twice it was sold out. is it coz it's that's good or is it because it's value for money coz for that price one can get abalone. hmm.. i'm still wondering, until i get my hands on that bun, i'd still be trying damn hard to get it.

i got a couple of buns from this place, but today's blog is devoted to this 难忘包 (unforgettable bao). it was one of the 'MUST TRY' item on the signboard. Well, the name of the bao definitely caught my attention, to call it 难忘 it must have that element to it if not, it's just a marketing ploy. i wondered how unforgettable it will be and it was also recommended by the staff. i asked him if it's sweet and what's inside. he told me it was sweet and that it's filled with egg custard which oozes out when you bite it.


hmm.. egg custard and bao, i wondered how magical the combi would be. so along with the rest, this would be my dessert for that night.

i left NWB to the last. half wondering if it'd be as magical as the name suggests or will i be disappointed. the bun is pretty. it has this yellow pattern which i deem as the yolk in the midst of all the white flour bun. it's rather cute. simple in appearance.

i soon found out that the name suits the bao appropriately. it was indeed 难忘. maybe coz i have yet to taste something like that and since it's my first, i'd remember it deeply.

the magic started on my first bite. as the staff had mention, the filling oozed out when eaten. in my case, the bright emperor yellow filling burst out when i first bit the bun! it kinda splattered on my plate. yes, the taiwanese call it 爆浆 (literally translated as 'burst juice') or something. i was like, wow! so happening ah! so at that point in time, i didn't exactly tasted the filling yet coz i was all awed by what had happened earlier.

after getting over the filling bursting out, i tasted it. it's gluey appearance didnt look like custard at all. solidified it isnt. it's thick and sweet with bits of egg yolk. the slow flowing yellowish lava was very appetizing. it actually looked like normal egg yolk flowing out from a poached egg. Ooohhh.... :D

so you think the yellow yolk actually represents that of a normal egg yolk? hmm.. if you did think that, then like me, you are wrong. that gluey paste was actually made of salted egg yolk. yes, it was that! sinful as it is, the powdery texture as the filling touches my tongue was rather magical and the reward came when i managed to taste bigger bits of the salted egg yolk! i like salted egg yolk and have never tasted it sweet this way. let's not talk about salted egg yolk with lotus paste in mooncake, you cannot compare this to that. there is no comparison.

if it's not coz how sinful this can be, i think i'd head to that stall everyday. i might be able to eat 3 of these. anything more, i think it will become forgettable bao. as they say, it's good to eat things in moderation. unfortunately, i never had the chance to take photo of the filling coming out. i will try next time, but i don't want to waste it. oh and it's best eaten HoT!

the name of the stall is very long indicated on their plastic. it's called 手工香港点心 i think. the small counter of fried stuff also looked very appetizing but i am trying to keep away from deep fried stuff which i failed over the weekend. anywayz, this is one stall i will return to again soon! hopefully unlike it's predessesors of the location, this stall will stay for sometime. :)

p/s: if you are wondering if there's any taste to that yellow pattern thingy, hmm.. better to discover it for yourself :p


pk said...

tot it's nai wang bao (milk king)?

claudine said...

issit? must go check again. everytime i order the person never correct me leh...