Wednesday, July 01, 2009

a new fragrance

i usually don't venture away much from the usual fragrances i use. not until one day when Cece and me were on a perfume smelling spree.

there was a promotion at paragon two weeks back and the perfume brand was chloe. the name of the perfume was Chloe too.

i remember from a far, the smell was pleasant, rather attractive and pretty different. i usually won't ask what's the base for a perfume and i'm more inclined towards the more citrus and refreshing types. i didn't ask for the base, Cece asked about it and we were told the base was honey.

hmm.. this was one sweet smelling honey! it's really quite long lasting given that i can still smell tinges of it after i showered. really value for money! but i like it that it's not the refreshing kind yet still kinda stand out of sorts. quite subtle and i can smell it all the time with just one sprit on my hair. I think it's quite light too.

haven't been that addicted to a smell for quite sometime, this is my current favourite :D

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