Sunday, June 21, 2009

movie friday 260609

just booked tickets for TRANSFORMERS: Revenge of the Fallen!!

texted Cece yesterday and she mentioned that a colleague told her all the downtown cines are fully booked!! relentless, i went to check. True enough, those session beyond 6 ish are all fully booked. so we decided to watch the 6.45pm show @ The Cathay. Not the GRAND cathay though coz it's booked entirely.

can't wait for friday!! Hmm, hope the trailers don't show too much and makes the show boring..


CheePeng said...

Hey so hw did u find Transformer ! i love it but not sure about your girls ...take care & catch up soon hoh

claudine said...

quite black hawk down i feel and the transforming part, too many components and too fast.. quite a waste. it was quite unfortunate that the Decepticons were still colourless and it's difficult to identify them, but introducing the 'Constructicons' and Devastator was cool. At least this group got colour. haha :p

there was quite a lot of humor in the show too.