Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blueberry Danish

extravagant don't you think? Meringue on top of a danish pastry. I think the burnt outlines on the meringue made me bought it without hesitation! It's sooo pretty!!

The original price of this piece was $3.50 still reasonable i think but i got it at half the price because at Pan Pacific Atrium Deli after 7pm, danishes, croissants and bread are at 50% discount. this made it all the more worthwhile for me to get this blueberry danish.

is it any good as it looks?

yes! it's heavenly! it would have been better had i ate it the day i bought it. i ate it for breakfast on tuesday and this was how it went.

tasted the ultra tempting looking meringue. some parts of it burnt as you noticed from the pic. it would have been crispy if eaten immediately when it's out from the oven and soft in the inside. i like the burnt taste and the slightly still frothy inside.

eating this danish was a mean feat. in that the meringue was quite high, but i didnt mind. at the same time, the blueberry jam in the centre couldnt wait to ooze out!! the jam was generously piled in. as i ate, it started dripping. dark purplish watery, sauce stained the tissue i brought out just in time to prevent the drip hitting my dress, and then blueberries started to fall out before i could 'rescue' them. it turned out to be quite messy as i ate but it definitely was a fulfilling breakie.

as for the pastry, well i'd be unfair to judge as it was kept in the fridge, taken out and subjected to the cruel weather conditions as i made my trip to office. so, i believe it was supposed to be good.

regardless, for $1.75 i will definitely go back and get my hands on it again! :D


Fen said...

Geez, guess what... when I was reading about the Strawberry Tart, I was anticipating where it is from... Then scrolling down further leads me to a chocolate cake... Still no address...

Ah hah... That is really a good way to keep your readers in suspense...

Didn't have a good experience with Rhubarb when I was at Aerin's. It has this strong herbal taste which kinda ruin the apple tart I had... Hmm... didn't know you like sour stuff... I will be glad if it is not sour, keke...

Caramel Opera seems interesting based on your description... Oh my, Pan Pacific Atrium Deli is my next stopover...

claudine said...

My apologies Fen! I don't exactly have the habit of typing the address of the place i have tried, thus i am not exactly the 'normal' kind of food blogger.

Next time i will take note. Will probably indicate in the title. Easier hor? also dunno why my labels don't show. Hmm..

yeap, i like sourish stuff :D too sweet i go into a sugar high. too much choc i'd go 'yuk'. heheh

can't taste much rhubarb, so maybe next time i'd try it elsewhere. Aerin's looked like they have good desserts when i walked pass the other day :p

Fen said...

Don't get me wrong... I like the picture of the Strawberry Tart and I was tempted to grab one off the screen... That was why I was looking for the address so that I know where to get it :D

claudine said...

hehe no worries :D happy that my photo actually can tempt people. i'm always tempted by Brad's photos!!! and yours, they look good enough for adverts and all. i'm tempted to go Regent hotel soon!!

hope you'll have good experience with the deli. i'm on a cake/dessert sabbatical this week. over indulged in good stuff!!

their specialty breads looked very interesting too. i was tempted to get but they were too huge to be consumed by 1 of me.. :s

incidentally, you know we both got the same surname?? haha ;)