Thursday, May 21, 2009

Raspberry Cheese Cake - Canele

check out the different layers in this cake!
i love Canele's paperbags too!!

i bought the raspberry cheesecake as well. i was attracted by the fresh raspberry and the pretty creamy topping so nicely curved and 'twirled' :)

however, the cake isn't for me. though that layer of raspberry thicken puree was nicely sour and i love it lots, not only coz i can taste the wonderful aroma of the raspberry after the sourish kick, it stays in my mouth for a prolonged moment. nice!

the cheesey layer is a tad too much and somehow, the chocolate sponge with nuts layer at the bottom doesn't exactly blends well overall. the cake becomes rather gelat for me after eating only half of it. it's not a very big cake as you can see, rather slim and long. but quite a feat for me to finish eating.

i still have one small portion (about 1/12) of it as i am completing my entry. too rich for my liking, sadly.


Fen said...

Didn't realize u were at Gunther's, it was a pity we didn't get to chit chat...

Anyway, saw a fair bit of new creations @ Canele but I have not really have the money and calories to spare... Guess I will camp on your blog for more visual indulgence =)

Hopefully, we will get to meet up some days

claudine said...

Hi Fen,

my apolofgies for not introducing myself.. i was sitting beside Jaixin, the gal sitting at the most corner to your right. yup that's me! :p wanted to say hi, guess everyone was busy chit chatting and getting to know one another :D.

heard you talking about camera with lots of passion!

Promise you'd be the first person i walk up to the next time i see you!

i hope to take better pics going forward. Love looking at your yummy cake pics!! :)

Fen said...

OMG!!! You were so close to me, I didn't know that... Alas, was a pity... Yea, definitely will get to chat... I was still trying to refresh my memories of the ladies on the opposite and left side of the table...

Thank you for the compliment... as for camera talk, I am one who dunno much but can rattle non-stop... Hope to meet up again...

claudine said...

yep yep, we'll meet again in the next event!! :D