Monday, May 25, 2009

Dinner @ 陶's restaurant

met up with ET and Jacelyn for dinner and movie on Friday. as usual, tiredness started to set in slowly as the night passed by.

okie, i am digressing. needed to figure out where to eat prior to friday and Tao popped into my mind. i have been wanting to eat there for sometime, and LC reminded me about it recently. agree for the price of $35 for a 7 course dinner, i think it's pretty worth it. i was pretty full by the end of the meal.

there were 2 items which were standard for everyone, the rest you get to choose from a variety of choices.

the bacon mushroom gratin was a fixed item. personally, it sure looked sinful. as you can see from the photo, this layer of oil just slowly flood the specular as it slowly sunk downwards. as with all sinfulness, it makes eating it very satisfying.

Chicken terrine - it tasted really like pate or hmm, it's actually pate!! nice with the crackers and the noodle sticks would have tasted wondrous if the powder sprinkled were more savoury and spicy.

Jacelyn's fruit salad - it's a tad sweet, but i think it's pretty refreshing! :D

ET's salmon salad

Then came our 3rd course monster oyster mushroom in some sweet, savoury and sour sauce. i like how they grilled the stalk of the mushroom, slightly burnt and very tasty. it's already flavourful by itself!!

refreshing iced rose apple tea - i like the subtle flavour of the rose with every sip and it blends well with the apple tea. nice!

sharkfin melon herbal soup - looks damn worth it. ET said it's quite nice.

my fish consumme - tasted like dashi stock, not much happening here...

Jacelyn's mushroom soup - looks yummy and thick. bad photo though.

another bad pic due to shakey hands... this snapper in japanese sauce is darn good! it's juicy, fresh and uber fleshy! good choice!

and here comes my lamb cutlet. 3 pieces only 2 consistent. i thought 1 smelt really foul than the other 2, but finished it anyway coz i quite like the seasoning. the 2 which passed were cooked just nice. pretty soft but no melt in the mouth kind of experience.

Jacelyn ordered the grilled chicken and i like the marinate too. slightly spicy and very fragrant with smell of chilli and curry mixed. the meat is very tender too! and i super love the mashed sweet potato and the pickled tomato!! it's good and something different! i can eat these two endlessly!

then came desserts and ET chose the Yangsheng poached pear. tasted like my favourite snow pear tong sui but without the tong sui. it has a pretty strong chinese almond taste which i like (well it's almond) but pity they didnt use the correct cutlery for this dessert. Poor ET had a hard time taking apart the flesh of the pear..

tofu cheese cake was what Jacelyn ordered and it was quite ok. my grouse it that the base is too hard, so it doesn't break away easily. other than that, it's quite light though i don't think i tasted tofu at all.

creme brulee was my dessert to end the meal. i like the burnt caramel coz it's crispy. other than that the creme brulee was a bit thick. i prefer the one from Indulgence which melts in my mouth instantly.

in short, Tao's restaurant offers value for money 7 course meal. the staff are friendly and very chatty. polite and courteous, they have a good knowledge of what is good and popular in their restaurant. not bad for a place which i thought would be only so-so coz of the advertisement. :p

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