Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finally, i bought Canele's BFC

so i headed to Canele this evening. Really really wanted to get the cake. I ended up buying 3 just so to charge to my credit card. not that they have any promos with the card i used. i thought it'd be more convenient.

anyway, my cakes suffered a 'drop' and thus BFC suffered 'injuries' by the time i got home. the rest were still in tact.

this is the first time i tabao the cakes back from Canele. Usually i'd have my fix there, but i wanted to go home early (but thanks to the lousy public transportation system i reached home quite late) and i found out something super about Canele's boxes which houses their cakes. this i will upload as another entry.

so, to my encounter with Canele's BFC. it's moussey and has lots of cherrys within the mousse and the cake. for that small cube, i ate about 5 cherries which i like but it's a bit bland for me. the texture of the mousse was good. thick and chocolatey a bit rich for me, but i'm not exactly a chocolate fan so, don't quote me.

Canele's Blackforest Cake

It's very nicely dusted with cocao powder. taking the cake and looking it from a far, it's very pretty how the powder coated the whole cube. in fact, it looks velvety! anyway, i was rather worried coz i usually get 'choked' by the powder. they somehow have a way of tickling my throat.

i like the crumbly bits on top of the cake. i can't figure out what it is. Almonds or hazelnut? It has some nutty flavour if i am not wrong. and i like that small cherry on top. with a little bit of gold foil decorating it and setting it apart from the rest of the browns. what's more, the cherry has got rum or was soaked in some liquor. when i ate it at first, it kinda reminded me of cough syrup, but the taste of the rum came on slightly later. pretty interesting!

hmm.. for a small 'cube' with such varied taste, i think it's not bad. am just wondering if they will come up with a citrus version?


Fen said...

Arh... Blackforest!!! Seems pretty similar to the one I had at Hilton.

claudine said...

hmmm.. for the time being, i think i prefer those old school BFC from neighbourhood bakeries haha :)

Fen said...

Arh... I just had a old school one recently... from Han's... but I prefer the one from Four Leaves...

Think the most popular and old school one should be Pine's Gardens... but I don't fancy that much... cos it is alittle too sweet and "powdery"...

claudine said...

ok, i will try the Han's and Four Leaves BFC. both are near my office if not my house. hmm.. haven't tried anything from Pine Gardens though but heard about it lots..:D