Monday, May 04, 2009

anger, time and stress management

Attended my course today. woke up to a stormy monday morning, but i guess this cannot compare to the wee hour morning storm on sunday. i could hear the wind howling which i havent heard for the longest time. the trees were being blown like crazy, it seemed like a typhoon impending. it was nice, i drifted to sleep as i hear the splatter of the rain on to my window. it was pretty soothing actually, until it started to hit on the window harder, it sounded really angry i was quite worried if something was breaking off!!

anyhows, today was hectic morning rush! i actually was 5 mins late when i reached newton MRT station due to the nicoll highway jam! guess when nicoll's jam, other places had their jams as well. the shuttle bus was late. Thank goodness, i was quite heng.

course was held in SIM Namly Ave. It's been ages since i went to that building. these days there are so many students of which was kinda surprising. When i attended courses there last time, it was quite deserted. it was a 鸟不生蛋的地方!

the course was pretty interesting. Lecturer Ethan Tan had a series of games to keep us awake and entertained. Lecturer himself was quite interactive and speaks his mind. he basically talked back to us and none of us talked back to him, only some but i feel the stuff spoken was rather ahem, silly of sorts. anyway, the course wasn't exactly about anger. it's more of time management and how it will or can alleviate stress. in summary i learnt these as with most courses i had attended.

Focus. let not distractions stop you from making yourself more productive.

distractions can be in the form of people like colleagues/family/friends/bosses making small talks, etc, smses, emails, phone and excessive amounts of paper lying around.

Ethan suggested that we focus on completing 3 important but non urgent tasks and it will bring us further. Rationale being that completing these tasks will help prepare us from turning these tasks into becoming urgent and important. so, important and urgent tasks abound each and everyday, so completing these 3 important but not urgent tasks will help going forward.

i think this is very enlightening. i havent heard this from all the courses which i have attended thus far. i will try to put this into practise. hopefully, there's still a possibility.

At the same time, i also found out about communicating and negotiating with bosses of which will make me more effective in the way that i would know what exactly what they want and by negotiation, i will be taken more seriously? hmm.. i think i have unknowingly done it a couple of times. thank goodness Mr Chia encourages communication etc.

Also, identifying at which part of the day i am most awake and alert and with the highest energy level to complete my tasks and ensure that i complete them during that time. and this peak can be flexible in that i can wake up earlier to trick the mind into thinking that i am at that peak if say i have an earlier meeting. Or eating a certain amount of breakfast full of protein will help as well. Omega 3 is one good supplement. The usual stuff like exercise and healthy diet is important as well.

finally, we played our last game of throwing a plastic ball amonst all our classmates for the day. the rule of the game was that we have to 1st remember whom we threw our ball to and that was easy. then came the 2nd rule after we went one round which took us 2 mins ought. we were given 3 more balls and not supposed to drop the ball. with some practise and given the ok to drop the balls 3 times, we managed to do it within a shorter period of time. then we were supposed to complete the routine within 45 secs.

in short, the game was meant to let us know the below.

when EXPOSE to something new
ACCEPT that you may not be able to complete the task smoothly
be ENCOURAGED to try and try till you get it
thereafter, IMPROVE on it

kinda enjoy today's course and it's pretty darn good.

it's interesting how my frame of mind of attending courses have changed over the years. during my younger days, i attend a course eager and excited. can't wait to meet the people from the other parts of the bank etc.

i wonder if it's coz my thoughts have matured over the years or what, these days i attend a course observing people and their reactions etc. i'd not volunteer to do stuffs, but i will take the initiative to write on the flip charts etc and voice out a bit or explain points. i realised that people just wont do it and will wait for someone. so might as well get it over and done it. today, as i observe people, i forgot that i was also being observed. when lecturer asked who in the room is an extrovert, i didn't raise my hands, and he asked 'claudine, you not an extrovert?' of which i returned a 'it depends' answer. hehe..

let's see what next year's course will bring forth.

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