Sunday, May 03, 2009

x men weekend

this long weekend was X men weekend.

i spent the whole friday at home, nuahing. was dead tired. i suspect this feeling of not wanting to do anything was probably carried over coz i had pushed myself too much over last week as well as the weekend and caused this feeling of just wanting to sleep the whole day away.

and so, slept i did. i woke up at 3 ish in the afternoon of labour day. yup, that late.. after that i basically did nothing. tried to book tickets for Wolverine and the stupid GV website had uber high traffic i had no chance or whatsoever to book the tickets until 7 ish when everyone went for their movie fix or dinner!! strangely, cathay didnt show the movie. guess no rights for the distribution? so it was quite sad that we had to get it from gv.

whilst trying to access the gv ticket booking page, i kept trying to beat my own scores for Bejeweled Blitz in facebook and also tried the Gordon Ramsey game which was quite fun and required some maths and attention to timing details. yeah, that's what i did for the whole day. and i waited eagerly for OKTO to show the Xmen cartoon but the first epi was a tad boring. i highly doubt i am going to be able to reach home @ 7.30pm Mon to Fri to watch it. Sad!

at night i stayed up to watch BONES. not bad and i think the chemistry between booth and bones has gone to a higher level as with the brutal murders of the cases and the gross level of how the bodies turned up in the various crime scenes! yucky!

on Sat i met Cece for our weekly movie thingy. though we are not consistently meeting every weekend as that is very dependent on workload. unfortuntely, this week will be the last movie week with her. she's going into her 闭管 mode for the next couple of weeks. the next time i see her, will be after the 10 June. Well, just in time for transformers and harry potter i guess.

so we had our date with Wolverine. Last week we 'dated' vin disel for Fast and Furious 4 and it really got our adrenaline pumping. She thinking of getting a car and me just savouring the crazy first scene of the show. Money well spent actually.

This week, we think of mutant powers. I was actually waiting to watch Gambit! It was a darn long wait indeed!! Remy should have appeared in the show earlier, but in Wolverine, his appearance didn't disappoint. Kinetic enegry rocks man! Super duper power! Taylor Kitsch was ok as Gambit i guess. i was looking forward to someone who looked more like the character in the cartoon. at least, that head band that pushes the cool dude's hair up should be part of wardrobe. :p

oh and i must say that the actors in LOST are going places, so are the peepz in HEROES. which reminds me, i haven't caught up on HEROES since partial season 2. hmm, i wanna watch HEROES!

Today, Ch 5 was showing Xmen - The Last Stand. see 3 days in a row, no wonder i am intrigued!!

So, which mutant power should i have if ever a chance to choose. hmm.. let me think about it..

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