Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Pan Pac Atrium Bakery Signature Passion Fruit Cake

we chanced upon the bakery at the Pan Pac atrium whilst walking to the parking lot this evening. attracted by the poster screaming 50% discount (only on bread, muffins and croissants/25% on cakes whole or sliced and sausages and ham) after 7pm, we headed in and found only very limited muffin (left only 1) some croissants, zero bread (though they had many different loaves which were like pretty humongous) and lots of yummy, attractive, to die for cakes.

though they were only on 25% discount, i found myself very much glued to them. then this 1 cake caught my eye, the Signature Passion Fruit Cake. it looked like that dome shaped cake from Centre P's which i REALLY wanted to try, but thus far, haven't gotten the chance. So without looking further and since it's passion fruit which i truly heart, i got it. unfortunately, i realised there was another passion fruit with mango cake i was like 'aiyah! i didnt take more time to look!!' thank goodness i wasn't greedy coz mum bought fried chicken back and i had two drumsticks before i attacked my cake.

partially staked by the fork as you can see

initially, i was dubious and kinda felt i had prolly chosen the wrong cake. staking the fork into the cake, it looked just like any other normal ones. there was a uber thin, opaque and gelatinous 'force fielding' the rest of the fluffy, light, cheesy and lemony interior. at the bottom is a layer of spongy cake. still, i didn't taste much passion fruit and thought that i had been cheated of sorts.

it was only until i 'staked' the centre of the dome did i find my surprise. OMG! guess what?! the passion fruit oozed out like how you break half boiled egg with your metal spoon, except there were seeds of course! it was such viewing pleasure which i immediately shot with my SLR. from then, the whole taste of the cake changed entirely. lemon, passion fruit, cheese, bits of pistachios and those sourish red berries. it was citrius acidity to the max and i love it! i felt less sinful with the drumsticks after having the cake.

see the passion fruit 'sauce' starting to ooze?!?

the whole blob just oozed out like that.. looks like a bao right??

love it and will prolly try the others another day. yums! :D

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