Thursday, April 02, 2009

Weds morning BREAD first!

something happened to my connection to google and i couldn't login to blogspot. i was so disappointed coz i really could not wait to upload this entry.

i had the good fortune to taste freshly baked bread yesterday morning from Soo Kian. the day before she mentioned she will try to bake if she had the time, so i waited eagerly though i tried to keep my expectations moderate, in case don't have coz we are all so trying hard to find the other end of the RAINBOW and everyone's all tied up trying to do that!

in the morning i got a call from Mr Ong telling me that we are having bread for breakie! immediately, i said 'okie, i'm going up!'

so i went up and guess what? i was greeted with very lovely multi grain bread!

looks like a small round baugette! i can still remember how good it smell!!

packed in a clear plastic bag, i could see condensed water droplets. i was thinking.. WAW! Freshly baked worr.. and when i took the bread, it was still slightly warm and it smell so nice, just like how a bread should smell! i was excited and couldnt wait to 'attack' it! So after a few pics, i started to savour it... pretty slowly hee hee.

together with the jam and butter.. so chi chi hi tea-ish!! :p

the multi grains (10 types but i'm not sure what) were tasted at each and every bite. the inner dough was soft, the outer crust was baked just nice. Overall, it's has a nice tinge of that little bit of sweetness and doesn't stuck to my teeth. i heart and can't wait for Soo Kian to make more!! Yum yum!! though there was jam and philly cheese spread, i ate it plain and i LOVE IT!! :)

chi chi bread spread.. hehehe

it was a great way to start the day!! if only i can eat it every morning, i'd be so happy and healthy. haha!

Thank you Soo Kian!!! Wish my pics can do better justice to your bread. I should have taken another shot of how the inside of the bread looked like, but erm i just kept eating and eating until forgot to capture it! :S

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