Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Canele - revisited on 'impluse'

So last Saturday was super hot!! after visiting baby Ethen, i needed a refreshing drink badly. the first drink that popped into my mind (nope, not beer you evil people!) was the iced honey lemongrass from Canele since baby Ethen was at Mt E and was near Paragon, i headed there. was partially worried that there would not be any seats available, but i was lucky.

i always liked their logo. so classy

through the bottom of the glass

the drink that brought me there. doesn't look happening, but the refreshing taste of lemongrass cooled my fried brains for as long as the drink lasted..

they have an easter 'bundled' menu which ends 12 April

sat down and was contemplating between eating crepes or cakes. i wasn't hungry that day, so i decided against crepe since it's going to be damn filling, i opted for on 'over the counter' cakes. there were so many and i didn't know which to choose. wasn't in the mood for chocolate, so in the end, i took the tiramisu (well, bearing in mind on the same week on Thurs i had the same thing @ Pasta Inc) seriously, i don't know. i think i just wanted to compare.

the blah tiramisu

the conclusion? i preferred the one from Pasta Inc simply because it oozed coffee. the one from canele? nothing strong, nothing interesting, nothing facinating. was it even tiramisu i ate??

oh well, maybe it's the heat.. even when i asked the waitress if i could take photos using my SLR, she didn't understand what i wanted. coz instead of asking her a simple question like 'Can i take photo?' i asked her 'what do you think about people taking photos in here?'.. so duh right??

now you know what the hot hot sun does to me. i become senseless coz my brains were fried! :p

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