Sunday, April 05, 2009

Farewell prezzie

one of my 2009 resolutions was to do more craft stuff. i ended 2008 with a christmas gift project and started 2009 with none.

well, the time came for one, but not one which i would have wanted to start off the 2009 craft projects. hmm.. reason being, it was a farewell prezzie and sighz it was for a very good colleague from another department who is now my kopi kaki and a very good friend.

happy for her that she has found a better job, sad that she's leaving. nevertheless, our kopi and makan sessions will continue and we definitely will keep in touch.

here's what i have made for her.

i had wanted to 'squeeze and send' one of my stuff toys on my desk into this box frame but the stuff toy was too big. managed to find this miniature polar bear which looked like mine at Cards and Such and a cute looking bee.

hopefully she will put it on her new desk and i wish her all the best! :D


Jaime-La-Nourriture said...

the prezzie is very cute! thats v sweet of u. i couldnt figure out that was a bee at first thou...i thought it was muffins! haha

claudine said...

Hi Maureen, thanks!

it was quite last minute and thank goodness i was able to do something similar to my initial idea!

i was in the shop for 30 mins scanning the stuffed toys and i found both! Pity the faces of the toys ain't flexible, so they could only look 1 direction.

hmm... i have to agree that the bee looked quite yummy from a certain angle! Haha :D