Sunday, April 19, 2009

meat sabbatical

i think i over ate this week. monday i had drinks at bala with chix wings and the breaded fish sticks and chips. already unhealthy. took a break on Tues i think, or did i? I can't exactly remember what i ate i think it was ham croissant from BK.

On weds, i treated CH and Kenny to Melt - the world cafe, i think i went crazy there and would definitely love to visit the place another time! i love the spread, especially the cold platter of delightfully pretty shell fish.

Prawns, oysters, scallops, alaskan crab, mussels, crab claws, small lobster and some shell which i have no idea what it was but was damn good too. all the shell fish were sweet and very fresh. next time i think my attack will be on those as well as the dessert area. i can't wait to go again and i must coincide with fernie's workday so i can get good discount.
Pity the lighting at the area we sat, suxed. couldnt get good pics.

some of the seafood

right now, they have 15% discount for Citibank cardholders. Others like UOB have the 4 for the price of 3 or something. i left feeling extremely full, bloated and terrible!! i have over eaten that day.

on thurs, i didn't feel like eating. i didn't have any ingredients for my morning salad. i felt miserable. didnt help in the morning there was a birthday celebration and there was cake.. awwWww.. it just made my tummy flip to a certain extend. at night, we had drinks at Paulaners and had somemore finger food. yikes!!!

on friday, i met LC for din. we were supposed to meet like 6.30pm, but coz i was a tad late she was held back by some troubleshooting required at her end. so ended up, we met at like 7.30pm!! i sat at bras bhasa playing 'Supermarket Mania' whilst waiting for her and i managed to clear the bloody stage which got me stucked for the longest time.

we headed to centrepoint for dinner coz i told her weather very hot, need to eat at an airconditioned place. we ended up in crystal jade korean restaurant where we had the set meal for 2 pax. i LOVE the ginseng chicken soup, it was wonderful!! especially when there was a nice surprise inside the chicken. there was glutinous rice, red dates, chestnuts infused with the yummy goodness of the soup. i really really like it lots! i think next time can just order the ginseng chicken soup i'm happy.

the appetizers

the ginseng chix soup i heart!!! :D

the grilled mackerel

i can't say the same for the hot stone rice which was really 'blah' and the stir fried vege which was like baby kailan with no sauce. but i like the grilled mackerel. juicy and yummy sans the fishy smell. pity i didnt have room for dessert, they looked very interesting. will do so the next time. just thinking about the soup makes my mouth water!!

had cakes on Sat and mochis from Isetan. Dinner was my favourite chicken rice from Marine Parade HC.

today i had kopi with LC at Ya Kun Parkway parade. ordered set A coz i wanted to eat soft boiled eggs. craving satisfied and wanted to tabao yong tau foo to end the week with less sinful food. Alas, the store was closed and i opted for fried hokkien mee. definite wrong choice when i realised how many scoops of oil the cook put into stir frying the dish. this will be the last time i try it.

this coming week, i better eat healthy. do my tummy some good i suppose.. and i have gotten enough ingredients for the morning salad for the week! it's just a matter of how diligent i'd be to wash up the greens and cut up the fruits.

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