Sunday, April 19, 2009

La France

La france

when i was at Glace yesterday, i didn't know what to buy. i went with the intention of getting the souffle and they were well stocked yesterday. braving the heat and ultimately crazy hot sun, my brains must have been fried to make a wise decision.

so visualisation took over and La France looked uber appealing! it's a tart with it's middle entirely filled by a quarter of pear. i love pear - cooked in the form of a dessert. i am ok with eating it fresh and crunchy. the thing about me is i like food with texture. Crunchy, chewy, Q, crispy.. anything that needs me to really chewy, it's top on my list. so what do i like about cooked pears when they already lost most of their crunchy texture and are softer by the time they are cooked?

i love the part when i bite into the cooked pear, the coarse texture becomes more prominent. every bite makes the pear more and more powdery. it becomes a joy to chew it. haha.. funny as it sounds.

anyway, back to la france. i found it too sweet to my liking. the top of the tart is covered with custard and a layer of jelly glaze was on top of the custard to make it glossily appealing. there was also some caramelized sugar on top of the custard. the pear in the middle was actually quite big. it's very neatly sliced into thin slices but it looked like it was a quarter slice of pear. Very generous.

i guess my tooth is just not that sweet to enjoy it.


took this when i was on my way to Glace from another route. i love the white against the blacks and the browns. one part of the building house xi yan, and i dunno what's the other side. I think the CBD and tanjong pagar area is a very interesting place. i would love to go again for another photo trip erm, when the weather is not as hot though..

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