Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tues grumps

KFC was dinner for today. Sinful as it was, i bought it anyway. anger reliever i presume? fatty food sometimes make people happy i gather? the whiff of this forbidden (esp after a good run) mix of 11 spices (or so they say) this afternoon during lunch was irresistible. though i did think of my XLBs from crystal jade, i route up to KFC after deciding that craving was inclining more towards the fowl than pork. that's not forgetting i had chicken rice this afternoon for lunch. gosh, how much of chicken can i eat a day? anyhows, i believe diminishing returns have finally set in.

Perhaps, this intense need to have chicken was due to an unfulfilled desire to have ikea's fried chicken wings? nevermind, i probably won't be able to think of chicken for the next couple of days.

anyway, here comes my grouse for the day.

the more i find out about stuff, the more irritated i get. i am darn angry with myself for allowing idiotic arseholes take me for a ride.

'oh, the new interface can allow your users to do this!'

'oh, it can save your users more time and be more productive!'

'oh, they must have this interface and i can customise it for your managers and team leads too'

'oh, you want this to be integrated? Sure no problem!'

'oh, make sure that once your users productivity improves, i'd get a better bonus!'

f%#$ your 'oh's this and that and how typical of people of his types. F!@# your bonus, you shouldn't be paid in the first place for BLL-ing one whole darn year.

what happened to the request i raised early last year till now? freaking idiot has not done anything even till now. show me a rubbish boxed up interface everytime i asked. WTH!? now blaming lack of resources as not having time to develop and slipping on countless time lines. it's not as if the required environment was not available. it's not as if i have not pre-warned the idiot of the impending projects. whatever requested, i provided.


all these Fs came after i spoke to another colleague outstationed in another country and updated me on their progress coz i was told their side were having lots of problems with the interface.


they were apparently progressing well with the interface with all the barest necessity and mind you, the problem my side previously faced in the my current version is experienced by them with the new interface..

f!@# yet again.

what i cannot stand is that he seems impossible to be 'touched', like you know 'The UNTOuchables'?!? kaoz.. bloody hell!

i guess Mr Chia sure has foresight for suggesting that i go for the anger management course on 4 May since i have missed my ART OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT course this week. i have not started to throw chairs or phones, but it may just be a matter of time.. perhaps only a very short time. it's just a very thin line before i get really pissed.

so before i become a converted soul after that 1 day course.. allow me the pleasure to curse one more time.


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