Sunday, April 05, 2009

Strawberry Souffle - Patisserie Glace

at $5.50, i'd say it's a good cheap indulgence!

amongst the strawberry related cakes which Patisserie Glace has to offer, i have to say that the strawberry souffle is my favourite.

i like it coz the taste is clean. strawberry on top, in the middle and the light, creamy enough cheese cake that makes it whole. there's not too many things to complicate the overall taste, so i simply enjoy it! it's a good balance of all the ingredients. Go figure out the bits which covers the site. it's uber tasty! :D

my only complain? hmm coz i like to eat my cake with a bit of everything so i tend to eat my cake top down and i hate it when my cake topples. in this case, the strawberry souffle has some sliced strawberry beneath the strawberry topping so it's difficult to eat it top down.

anyway, i am missing my cakes. hopefully, i'd head there next week with the girls!

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