Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a walk to Ann Siang Hill

yup, i did finally made it to Ann Siang and gee was i impressed with what the place have to offer. I should have checked it out ages ago. I used to hangout at a pub there during my younger days. it was a nightly hunt after work at 11pm. Pool and lots of booze, nothing less.

as it turns out, the pub's no longer there. what took over these places were lots of eateries and boutique shops which really target the niche market. seriously, i don't foresee any of my friends or anyone i know to head to this place, but i see and feel inspiration. kinda feel a tad a home actually. if i'm not doing what i am doing now, i foresee the possibility of having a collection in one of the shops.

i will head there another one of these days.

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