Tuesday, March 24, 2009

my Sunday kopi/teh sesh

ok, this decadent kopi tiam has been around for ages. it sits quietly along east coast road and right beside it is the Holy Family Church. i've only recently visit it more often thanks to LC the kopi kaki. went there a couple of times and couldn't get the famed bun. Recently, was getting lucky. Managed to get the buns on a couple of occasions.

what's nice about the buns? Hmm.. see the parts which are partially charred mostly around the edges? then there's the super stretchy interior which indicates that the bun is uber chewy. now look at how the bun is completely covered with generous slap of kaya (egg and coconut jam) and that thick little cube of butter (i think it's s.c.s butter which i heart!) when you eat them together, all the flavours combine to make it a nice chewy sweet and fragrantly chao ta (burnt) bun.

the first time when i went to the shop, the half boiled egg sucked. i don't like half boil egg which are partially solidified. i guess i am the extreme kind. either entirely hard boiled if not, i want it to be totally melty!! i must say recently, they satisfied this extreme fussiness of mine and presented eggs where the yolk spreads readily in all it's yellow gooey-ness when 'dissected'.

i still dont think the teh is super though the colour is always very nice. it's just a tad plain and normal. not sure if it's coz the kaya overpowered everything or that the proportion of teh, water, sugar and milk is not in the right combination. somehow i feel the teh to be too siap and it leaves a funny after taste on my tongue.

in any case, it's a nice place to spend a lazy sunday afternoon catching up with friends. it's very authentic and the buns sell out super fast and parking is a problem too.

oh and it's quite funny that it always rain when LC and me visit the kopi tiam. haha i wonder why.. my favorite thing about this shop is the light soya sauce. it's so savoury and flavourful! Haha :D

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