Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Passion Fruit Meringue from The Patissier

i was doing research for today's walkabout found out about the 'MUST TRY' passion fruit meringue from The Patissier.

i forgot about The Patissier for a long time. Over the years with places like Canele and other dessert places sprouting up, i had forgotten that my first taste of heavenly cakes actually came from this store. my bro was the one who introduced the cakes to me.

very decadent shop front. i love the doors and the chun lian outside!!

Check out the intricate tiles. the signage also blends in to its environment entirely!

even though today's intention was after photo shooting to go Glace for my cakes spree and i thought that The Patissier was going to be difficult to find, i ended up buying a piece of PF meringue. the ladies thought i was going to buy a whole cake, but i really wouldn't mind getting it for a special occasion.

when i saw the meringue first time, it was so not what i thought it would look like. i envisioned something which looked like the ones from Indulgence, so the one i saw paled in comparison. nevertheless, i bought it and the ladies were nice enough to allow me to pick up the cake later. They also asked for the time i was going to pick up the meringue, my name as well as my contact number. So thoughtful.

the message on the box was also very thoughtful too. makes me realised that the chef really wants the customers to enjoy the fruit of their labour to the fullest.

though it's only a small piece, they packed it in a box and put in an ice bag to keep it cool. at the same time, i was told to put it in the fridge within 45 mins. i think i overshot the 45 mins coz the sauce/custard was already starting to melt.

i came home and couldn't wait to attack it. after having a piece, i know i will be back to get more.

if you eat the whole thing together with the strawberry and gooseberry, it's awesome!!!

the innards of the meringue.. yummers!!

first bite, it didnt taste meringue-ish. the meringue was so soft, together with the custard, i thought i was eating some super light sponge cake. i had to take an individual cracked 'plates' to confirm the stuff i was eating was actually meringue. and i was impressed! it just melts in my mouth, no eggy smell (comparing the lemon meringue from Cedele, that one failed big time!!) and it was nicely sweeten with the icing sugar. eat it together with the fruits (mango and strawberry), the custard and the passion fruit sauce? I cant remember eating the fruit but the fragrance of the passion fruit and the taste is there. it's a mix of sweet and sour from the fruits blended in equal portions. i so regret not getting another piece.

this is where you can find them

i took my time to savour it and love every moment!!! For a price of $6.50 i think it's well worth it!


Fen said...

The passionfruit meringue is one of the most divine things I have tried... The combination is simply beyond words... However, the place opens at very restricted hours plus most of the cakes are actually reserved, making walk-in purchase pretty difficult...

I am pretty surprised your passionfruit meringue could survive for so long without refrigeration... I couldn't resist and end up eating it at Maxwell market, it was slightly wobbly by then...

claudine said...

Hi Fen! yesterday was the first time i went to The Patissier @ Ann Siang, so i was damn kiasu. I wanted to reach before lunch hour but coz i took my time, i reached @ ard 12pm. So i quickly snap snap some pics and walked up the hill to quickly buy 1 piece of the meringue! Haha.. just in case the lunch crowd bought everything off the shelf!

err actually i really regretted coz it took me sometime to reach home. i also couldnt resist, put in the fridge for less than 5 mins, i took out liao and tried very hard not to gobble everything up. it was soooo precious!! :D oh and the custard was already melting by then.. :s