Tuesday, March 03, 2009

suay sin 降临。。。

i think i have been stalked by the suay sin (aka God of Bad Luck in hokkien) recently coz i've not been very lucky with my money. fact being that i have been paying 'yuan wang' money for things that don't deserve the price... i am so not leaven in love for the fast couple of days.

was reading Sunday lifestyle yesterday and the person who wrote about Leaven in Love made me felt that i was Hex by Hate. Other than work related matters, when it came to money and stuff like having my phone repaired, i was totally jinx.

for two days consecutively i went down to wisma to get the sony ericsson folks to look into my phone, two days they were closed. reason being the shop's situated in Isetan and Isetan was having D&D yesterday and today was Staff day! kaoz.. Isetan has remained closed for two days and business resumes tomorrow.. i am sooo not happy, but hmm.. kinda give me more reason for jumping ship to another telco. the supervisor so didnt take the initative to help check if the shop's gonna be open today, i thought that's the least she could do. i would have if i was handling a jinx customer and i for sure is this particular telco's jinx customer!!

anyway, i had a funny feeling that something would go wrong and i should have called SE @ wisma to check. but i didn't, simply because i think it should have been the duty of that supervisor. i left her a so annoyed VM and told her not to call me since i didnt manage to get the phone fixed.

what's worse is that i so couldn't satistfy this dissatisfaction by going to the isetan supermart to get the stuff i wanted to get coz they were closed too!! Remember, it's STAFF DAY! Never knew that they so welfare!! sighz..

strangely though, the first thoughts which crossed my mind was what happened to me? Why was i so careless? It's quite unlike me to a certain extend, i think something must be wrong. maybe it's the lack of fresh air, i still havent gotten my fresh air high last week coz i didn't go to BTNR.

this is bad, i better start being cautious and alert. else, i am so gonna be stalked for the rest of the year. oh and remind me, never go to the Cold Storage in Takashimaya, it's quite pathetic. Fortunately to all this unlucky episode, i did taste a very wonderfully toasted bread at the food street area! it's so buttery and slightly sweet and smells heavenly. For a moment, i felt the suay sin left.

Unfortunately, the bread which comes in a pretty big loaf and very nicely packaged (must be from Japan) costs $18.50 and they do not sell half loaves. Even me, a huge bread fan, was not willing to part with my money to feel that brief moment of leaven in love..

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